Monica Rial Joins the English Dub Cast for Super Sonico

Sentai Filmworks has announced that Monica Rial has joined the cast for the English dub of the Super Sonico anime. According to the announcement, Rial is playing Fuuri Watanuki.

It has been announced that Sentai plans to release Super Sonico on DVD and Blu-ray on May 26, 2015.

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Kenji Studio’s Coluboccoro Kickstarter Meets its Goal

KENJI STUDIO, director Kenji Itoso’s studio, and Awesome Japan’s Kickstarter campaign to fund their Coluboccoro fantasy anime film met its goal of US$38,000 on April 20, 2015. The campaign seeks to add English subtitles to the short film and release it on DVD and Blu-ray. As of this writing, the campaign has raised US$38,428, with 10 days remaining. The first stretch goal, at US$100,000, will fund added footage for a 30-minute run-time.

The Kickstarter campaign describes Coluboccoro as:

It is a time not of the now. At the birthplace of culture and religion. Where science has evolved amongst a gathering of races and people both high and low. In a town, with a ruler. Like any other town, unlike any other ruler. Suzu, the girl’s name is. Her parents lost to her at a young age, her days strict with an upbringing befitting of the now and future sovereign. But doubt had crept in for the life she lived. So out she stole one day, to that place one must never set foot, to the Forbidden Grounds. Far above the town the Forbidden Grounds lay. And there, Suzu finds a seed, the likes of which she has never seen before. What kind of seed could it be? Wondering, she wanders back and waters the seed… And there, it sprouts right before her eyes, a mysterious creature popping up from the dirt!
A startled Suzu timidly speaks, “…and you are?”

“Colu!” it peeped.

Suzu returns to the Forbidden Grounds, to find out just what the creature is. Beyond lays a world she has never seen, the secret of the town waiting hidden. And just like that, destinies are laid bare. All possibilities become one thread, spinning the ultimate truth. Will Suzu take hold and lead it to the end?

Coluboccoro was originally a fantasy short that Itoso produced with Anime Innovation Tokyo, and it won the grand prize in the Creative Market Tokyo 2011 event. Itoso conceived, planned, wrote, storyboarded, and directed the “Coluboccoro” short himself. Its grand prize led to Itoso receiving a go-ahead to make the Santa Company film. Norihiko Tsuru composed the music, Hanami performed the theme song, and the voice cast starred Emiri Kato.

Source: ANN

Sentai Filmworks Licenses Hayate the Combat Butler

Sentai Filmworks has announced that it has licensed the Hayate the Combat Butler anime. The company plans to release the series digitally and on home video.

Bandai Entertainment previously licensed and released part of the series.

The anime ran for 52 episodes in 2007 and 2008, adapting Kenjirou Hata’s original manga. VIZ Media publishes the manga in North America.

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Megumi Toyoguchi Joins the Cast of Nisekoi:

The official website for the Nisekoi: anime has announced that Megumi Toyoguchi is joining the cast of the series as Chitoge’s mother Hana Kirisaki.

Naoshi Komi’s original Nisekoi: False Love manga and the anime focuses on Raku Ichijo, a normal high school student who happens to be the heir to a yakuza group. The attractive but violent transfer student Chitoge Kirisaki, the heir to a rival yakuza group, transfers to his class, and the two must pretend to date to keep a war from breaking out between their families.

The second anime season premiered in Japan on April 10, 2015. Aniplex of America is simulcasting the anime on Aniplex Channel, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Daisuki services as it airs. Ayane Sakura and Manami Numakura also joined the cast of the second season as Haru Onodera and Paula McCoy, respectively.

Source: ANN

Weekly Shonen Jump (April 20, 2015)

This issue includes chapters for Nisekoi: False Love, Toriko, World Trigger, Food Wars!, My Hero Academia, Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgment, and Black Clover. There’s also a special section devoted to Naruto fan art from a contest Weekly Shonen Jump ran late last year.

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

I only started reading Weekly Shonen Jump back in late February/early March of 2014, which means there’s a number of series published in the magazine that I jumped in the middle of. Since then, I’ve been able to start reading older chapters of some of the titles, but I haven’t managed to do this for all of the titles yet. Because of this, there may be times I might inadvertently include incorrect information in the write-ups. If you see something in a write-up that’s incorrect due to my having not read earlier chapters of a series, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Not only can I correct the incorrect information in the write-up, it will also help provide information for me to have when reading future chapters of a series in Weekly Shonen Jump.

Of course, you can always check out Weekly Shonen Jump for yourself by subscribing to the digital publication at

Weekly Shonen Jump (April 20, 2015)

Nisekoi: False Love CH:167

Raku and Onodera have 20 minutes to retrieve the pendant and key, as well as to get to the legendary fir tree. Raku believes that it won’t be possible to do both. We see that Onodera thinks there’s no way Raku would to go the fir tree now because of how important the locket is to him, and has to make up her mind as to what she’s going to do. But then we see that Raku has decided to go to the tree instead, while Onodera seems to have decided to retrieve the locket. But right at the end of the chapter, Raku gets a major surprise.

Huh, so this hasn’t quite turned out how I expected. I’d thought that they would both rush over to the garbage in order to retrieve the locket and key and sacrifice the tree lighting. But that’s not what happened. At first, I thought this could be Komi’s way of trying to get rid of the locket so he wouldn’t have to deal with that particular element. However, the last time Komi made it seem like a major change would happen with Chitoge moving away, it ended up not happening. I’m almost expecting that some kind of “Christmas miracle” will happen that will allow them to see the lighting of the fir tree and get their locket and key back.

Toriko CH:320

They work at trying to extract pair, but it’s going very slowly. When they wonder how long it will take to get enough for even one person to enjoy, Kaka suddenly shows up and says that it’ll take an extremely long time to get enough for everyone. Toriko and the others and unhappy to see that Kaka is still alive. But Komatsu says that she’s on their side, and that this is the real Kaka. Kaka says she will explain the true method to prepare pair. While it’s nowhere near as long as the natural drip method they’re using, it’s still a time-consuming process. Komatsu then points out that there’s a hole in the pair. Just then, there’s a flood of pair; apparently, Komatsu was able to prepare it in one stroke. Everyone partakes in the pair, but Toriko and the others discover that by drinking a certain amount of it, they become the opposite gender and reveal new senses of taste. But Kaka tells them that one more mouthful will return them to normal. Right at the end of the chapter, it’s revealed that they can now see the spirit world.

Oookay, then. I know Toriko has gotten strange at times, but, um… wow. With the revelation that they can see the spirit world, I suspect that the next chapter will be placing an emphasis on this aspect. But it was good to learn that the Kaka who had been traveling with Toriko and the others had been a fake. I liked Kaka and was disappointed when it appeared that Kaka was actually evil. But definitely a lot of exposition right at the beginning, with major surprises taking place right at the end. If it wasn’t for those two major surprises, this probably would have ended up being a rather dull chapter.

World Trigger CH:100

The chapter opens with more commentary to catch the reader up on what’s taking place at the various fronts. Almost half of the chapter is devoted to commentary before the reader truly gets to see the actual action as it’s taking place. When the action does pick back up, the focus is on the battle between Yuma and Murakami. But after four-and-a-half pages of the fight, we’re taken right back to the commentary again.

Overall, I have to say that this wasn’t as action oriented of a chapter as I had hoped it would be. While the commentary can be nice to understand what’s going on, I’d also like to actually see the battles going on that are being commentated on. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that I saw the newest episode of the anime earlier, which focused more on recap and exposition than it did on action. This could be making me more frustrated with this chapter than I might normally would have been.

Food Wars! CH:115

Shinomiya asks to taste Soma’s dish. He takes a bite, and the art makes it clear that he’s very impressed by what he just tasted. Someone else tastes it and has the same reaction. Soma then launches into an explanation of what he did, and all of the other chefs are surprised. But in the end, Shinomiya says that Soma’s dish isn’t worthy of being included on the menu at Shino’s Tokyo because it’s too low quality as it currently is. Shinomiya offers to show Soma how to do it if it was his recipe. But there is a nice twist right at the end of the chapter.

So this is another chapter that shows that while Soma is able to do something better than others expected, it’s still not necessarily the best that it could be. I do like seeing that Soma doesn’t always come out on top and seem to have the world handed to him on a silver platter. It’s refreshing to see a shonen lead having to work hard but not always being number one. And it looks like Soma has one more week for his Stagiaire Challenge, so it’ll be interesting to see where he ends up next.

My Hero Academia CH:039

After some sizing up, Midoriya and Shoto rush toward each other… and Midoriya lands a punch into Shoto’s stomach. There’s concern about the injuries that Midoriya has sustained up to this point, and the idea of stopping the match is considered. As this is being considered, the match continues, with Shoto asking Midoriya why he’s going this far. After Midoriya answers, we get a flashback of when Shoto was five years old and what ultimately led Shoto to hate his father as much as he does. Right at the end of the chapter, Shoto does something that no one expects.

For the most part, not much truly happens to progress the match over the course of this chapter. However, there’s some really good character development for Shoto here, and by the end of the chapter, Shoto seems like he’s starting to have a change of heart about some things. But the flashbacks and the prodding he’s getting from Midoriya have pushed Shoto to do something that he said he’d never do. I have a feeling that the next chapter will more than likely show us what the results of Shoto’s decision end up being.

Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgment CH:019

In this chapter, Pine is informed that she is unable to serve as the prosecutor for the classroom session because only top prosecutors from the special investigations unit are permitted to handle Class-A incidents. Pine insists because it was her friend who was hurt. This doesn’t move Yui, though. Meanwhile, Abaku and Sarutobi are trying to figure out how the incident could have occurred in a way for Tento to be innocent. In a flashback, we see that Abaku has revealed more about the Bloody Session to Tento. Later, we see Sarutobi thinking that when he first met Tento, he felt comfortable around him because he felt familiar.

It’s now the day of the classroom session, and Pine comes up to Abaku with a summary of the day of the attack. This summary primarily focuses on the girls in the class. The classroom session is called to order right at the end of the chapter.

So this story continues to build, and more hints seem to be getting dropped. But which hints are truly important, and which ones are red herrings? Hopefully the classroom session will bring a lot of things into light, and maybe even expose the true identity of Red Ogre. With the way recent chapters have been progressing, I’m just convinced that Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgment is probably just about to end.

Black Clover CH:008-010

We get three chapters of Black Clover this week to help the readers of the English version of Weekly Shonen Jump get caught up to where the series currently is in the Japanese edition.

Chapter 8 sees Lord Heath using his ice magic and it appears Asta has been pierced by an ice spear. But Asta suddenly comes up behind Lord Heath and declares that he’s not done. Asta’s pretty beat up, but he still insists on going after Lord Heath. Magna jumps in to give Asta some help. Together, Magna and Asta are able to draw Lord Heath in with a decoy. Noelle is also able to control her magic and jumps into the fray.

Right at the beginning of Chapter 9, Asta is able to get a good hit in on Lord Heath. Right after he defeats Lord Heath, Asta falls asleep. But Asta is awakened by a swallow pecking at him and giving him a stone from the village. Later, we see that Lord Heath’s magic has been sealed, but that he has a magic item inside of him. In the end, Lord Heath and his men self destruct. We then see the group that Lord Heath was working for, and it appears that the swallow gave Asta a magic stone.

In Chapter 10, we see that the Black Bulls have been awarded a star by the Wizard King for Asta, Magna, and Noelle’s actions. Asta also receives his first paycheck, and is taken to the castle town of Kikka in order to spend it. While they’re there, Vanessa takes Asta and Noelle to the black market. They run into Har, a guy that Asta did his entrance exam with, and a thief comes running past the Magic Knights. Both Asta and Har chase after the thief, but it’s ultimately Asta who apprehends the thief. Right at the end of the chapter, we see that the Wizard King is wandering around Kikka in disguise.

While that battle with Heath was interesting, I’d really like to know how Asta managed to survive being attacked by an ice spear. Oh well. But over the course of these three chapters, there’s definitely a dynamic being developed between Asta and Noelle. Black Clover is starting to become a lot more interesting, and it’s starting to feel a little less like a Naurto clone. And was it just me, or did the Wizard King come across as being a little creepy? Hopefully Black Clover will continue to progress in a way that will make readers care about the characters, the story they’re going through, and the world that they inhabit.

Kishimoto Sensei’s Top Picks and Naruto Fan Art

This section reveals the ten entries for the Weekly Shonen Jump cover art contest that featured Naruto characters that were Kishimoto’s favorites and he comments on each one. There are some amazing entries that are featured here, and I enjoyed reading Kishimoto’s comments. And right at the end of the feature, it’s announced that the Naruto mini-series will begin running in the next issue.

World Trigger: Episode 26 – “Fierce fight! Enedora vs. Kazama Squad”

World Trigger is set in Mikado City, where a “gate” to a different world opens one day and monsters known as Neighbors start appearing from it. Earth’s weapons don’t work against these monsters, but a mysterious group appears and starts fighting against the Neighbors. The group, known as the Border defense agency, creates a defense system against the Neighbors that emerge from the gates. Four-and-a-half years later, a 15-year-old boy named Osamu meets a strange boy named Yuma; Osamu is secretly a member of Border while Yuma turns out to be a Neighbor.

Episode 26 starts off on the wrong foot with the first four minutes being devoted to various recaps. While I know that there are shows, such as Bleach, that were even worse about how much time they devoted to recap at the beginning of an episode, the four-minute recap for this episode was just the tip of the iceberg.

So after the recap finishes, the audience is basically launched right into a flashback sequence for Shiro Kikuchihara, which explains his Side Effect of enhanced hearing and how he ultimately became a member of Kazama Squad. While getting this information was helpful and provided some background for Shiro, it just helped to bog down the episode early on after it was already starting to feel bogged down by so much recap.

This episode may have been titled, “Fierce fight! Enedora vs. Kazama Squad,” but it’s not as action oriented as the title made it appear to be. While Kazama Squad does have some clashes with Enedora, these fight sequences ended up having exposition thrown in. The exposition was accomplished either by showing flashbacks or by having a voice over explaining concepts. While intercutting the exposition works great in a manga format, it doesn’t work so well with animation, which is geared more toward action. A couple of important things happen during these clashes, but it was hard to care after feeling so bogged down and frustrated with all of the exposition.

There’s a scene later on where Tachikawa comes to rescue Ko Murakami, which ultimately leads to seeing Commander Shinoda explaining what his next plans are and why he’s taking this course of action. Again, while there was some action with Tachikawa taking down three Rabits with his Black Trigger, the scene was bogged down with Shinoda’s explanation. And right at the end of the episode, Jin comes over to Yuma and Arashiyama Squad and gives a rather grim outlook for what the future can hold. Jin’s proclamation serves as the cliffhanger for the end of the episode, and this is probably one of the few things that Episode 26 ultimately got right for its writing and storytelling.

It just felt like that after the progress World Trigger had made with its storytelling and writing recently, Episode 26 took at least two steps backward to return to the writing style that was bogging down the series early on. I understand that they’re trying to stretch this out to 50 episodes, but having to resort to these old tricks makes me think that 50 episodes is just going to be too much if they’re not willing to include filler. Not that I want filler, mind you, but perhaps there should have been a smaller order of episodes for the series. By not trying to fill as large of an order, some of those earlier episodes could have been condensed down in order to help move the story along at more of a natural pace. Hopefully Episode 27 will be more action oriented.

Right Stuf Is Having a Sale on Discotek and Eastern Star Titles

Right Stuf has announced that the site is having a sale on Discotek and Eastern Star titles, where you can save up to 40% off Sale titles include Free!, Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro, Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers, Chi’s Sweet Home, Bokurano and more.

The sale ends at 11:59pm CT on April 27, 2015.

If you’re a Got Anime member, you can stack your discounts for even more savings. This means you have the potential to save up to 46% off the MSRP on DVDs and Blu-rays from Discotek and Eastern Star.

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