Weekly Shonen Jump Volume 128 (July 21, 2014)

This issue includes chapters for World Trigger, One Piece, Nisekoi: False Love, Bleach, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Toriko, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, and One-Punch Man.

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

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World Trigger CH:068

In this chapter, Osamu and his group work at fighting against the Neighbors that are attacking them. They are joined by Izumi, who helps them out. Chika suddenly stops and reacts to the arrival of the humanoid Neighbor we’d seen earlier. He launches an attack with birds; if the birds touch the humans, they will be turned into cubes. As they try t use their weapons on them, their weapons turn into cubes. Unfortunately, the tables have turned, and Osamu is ordered to take Chika and run. As they escape, Osamu tries to attack the humanoid Neighbor. At the end of the chapter, the Neighbor launches an attack that seems to affect Chika…

After how much jumping around the most recent chapters had done, I’m glad to see that this chapter focused exclusively on one area of the battlefield. Specifically, it focused on Osamu and his group. This chapter also saw a little more emphasis being placed on Chika and how much she’s able to assist Osamu with her trion. With this chapter, it finally feels like the story may be starting to progress. Hopefully this progression will continue in the next chapter.

One Piece CH:753

In this chapter, Doflamingo is meeting with Bellamy. At the same time, we see the gladiators fighting against the Don Quixote family. Then, the action moves to Sevio in South Dressrosa, where some of the people decide to take King Riku and Usopp hostage. Then, we move to the inside of Smile Factory, where the workers are being forced to work by Doflamingo’s men. Then we go to Luffy and his group trying to make it to the flower field on the fourth step…

Wow, this chapter jumps around quite a bit! With some of the scenes, it feels like I’m just starting to get my bearings and then it changes to a completely different scene. There’s a lot of action going on, but because of how often the story is changing locations, it’s starting to get harder for me to truly follow what’s going on with anyone anymore. Reading One Piece right now is starting to get quite dizzying!

Nisekoi: False Love CH:131

The focus of this chapter is on the school festival. It appears that Onodera’s younger sister’s class is putting on a haunted house. Some of the girls have been plotting to get Onodera and Raku inside and scare them in the dark in order to bring them together. When Haru goes to invite the two of them, she runs into Chitoge, who is wearing an Alice in Wonderland costume. Raku’s class is doing a cosplay cafe. After seeing the various costumes, Haru invites Onodera and Raku to their haunted house. They go through the haunted house together, and Haru makes sure to throw out everything she knows her sister is afraid of. Onodera gets so scared that she starts clinging to Raku. By the end of the chapter, Haru realizes that she still harbors feelings for Raku. Haru then learns her friend signed her up for the beauty contest without her permission. She sees who the judges are: Raku and Chitoge.

Well, it looks like this chapter was basically written to accomplish three things. First, an attempt at trying to get Onodera and Raku to be closer. Second, to show that Haru hasn’t given up on her feelings for Raku. And third, it’s a chapter to set up the beauty contest story; with the way this chapter ended, it’s obvious the beauty contest will have to be the next one. I’m predicting that at least some members of Raku’s harem will find themselves in the beauty contest, which will make it hard for him since he’s one of the judges.

Bleach CH:589

In this chapter, we see Ichigo, Chad, and Orihime with Urahara. It turns out Urahara built Kukaku’s cannon below Squad 12’s barracks. Ichigo is embarrassed when Chad asks him what he thinks of Orihime’s outfit; he says he thinks she’s revealing too much. Yoruichi shows up and smacks Ichigo and lectures him; she’s only wearing it because a perv tricked her into it. It turns out Yoruichi was investigating the distortion the Quincies were causing at the boundary between the world of the living and the Soul Society. With what Yoruichi has brought with her, preparations are made to launch the cannon. The chapter then returns to the battle between the Soul Reapers and the Quincies. Just as it looks like there could be trouble, someone unexpected shows up on the battlefield…

This chapter places most of its emphasis on Ichigo, Chad, Orihime, and Urahara. And quite a bit of that section had a focus on the “fanservice” being provided by Orihime’s outfit. This scene helps us to learn a little bit of what’s going on, but ultimately doesn’t really move the story forward. And what little bit of the battle we see between the Soul Reapers and the Quincies doesn’t seem to truly progress the story, either. Right now, it’s kind of feeling like Kubo is trying to do everything in his power to stretch the story out. Hopefully we’ll start seeing some meaningful progression sooner rather than later.

Naruto CH:685

In this chapter, Obito instructs Sakura and one of Naruto’s shadow clones to keep a hand on him so they can teleport elsewhere at any moment. They successfully teleport, but Kaguya and Zetsu are on to them. Obito tells Sakura and the Naruto clone to hide while he draws their attention. It turns out Kaguya destroyed one of Naruto’s clones. Sakura provides her chakra to Obito in order to help him search the time-spaces for Sasuke. They succeed in finding him, although it looks uncertain as to whether or not he’ll make it to where Sakura and Obito are…

There’s not a lot of focus on Naruto and Kaguya in this chapter. Instead, the focus is more on Sakura and Obito as they search the time-spaces for Sasuke. Obito’s done a lot of work in this chapter, so I can only imagine what his Sharingan and chakra must be like at this point. How much longer will he be able to help out in the battle? And hopefully the next chapter will return to focusing more on Naruto and what he’s up to.

Hunter x Hunter CH:347

In this chapter, Ging and Pariston are attacked by the three guys who declared at the end of the previous chapter that their real boss is Beyond. The two of them have to flee and work together to try to get out of this predicament. Ging is able to imitate a punching ability that he’s been hit with in the past to help take down the three guys that are chasing them. Later, Ging tells Muherr that their act about this could’ve been much better, and gives his evaluation of the troops. Ging is also shown one of their weapons. When the discussion turns to how the mercenaries don’t like talk of money, Ging says he’ll make a deposit in the Norwell Fund, which is a relief fund for the family of fallen soldiers.

This chapter focuses exclusively on Ging, and has some focus on Pariston as well. We finally get an explanation as to why Ging has acted the way he has, and as for why he was offering the mercenaries money. I thought the idea of the Norwell Fund was kind of interesting, although the three-generational tier to it definitely has its disadvantages. I’m wondering if later in this story arc, Ging will come to regret his decision to create a “grandchild account,” since this now makes him a mercenary and he has to follow orders from very specific people. Now that I’ve been learning more about what this story arc entails, I’m starting to become a little more interested in the Hunter x Hunter series.

Toriko CH:285

This chapter focuses on various battles. The first battlefront is at Stardust Hill, where Team Zebra and Brunch are. Brunch uses his full-body charge magnet which allows him to magnetize his whole body; by doing this, he is able to attract a torrential downpour of meteors to him. Zebra uses voice eruption to blow the meteors away. Next it’s Team Sunny and Nosh at the Plains of the Bees’ Nest. Nosh creates an impenetrable shield by pushing the muscle fibers of his entire body to the plate on his head. The action then moves to Team Coco and Dinner at Poison Rain Prairie. Then we see Komatusu and Mappy west of Nightmare Hill. Then it’s off to the heart of Nightmare Hill where Toriko is facing off with Heracles of the Eight Kings, and this is where the chapter ends…

This chapter ended up jumping all over the place. Just as I was getting use to one battlefront, it would suddenly switch to a different one. Over the course of this chapter, we see five different locations, and it was almost dizzying just how often the scenes would change. The chapter was a relatively fast read, but I’m not truly sure just how much of it I actually absorbed as I read it. Oh well. Hopefully the next chapter will slow down its pacing a little bit.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal CH:44

In this chapter, Yuma, Astral, and the others from the duel find themselves near a black hole from another world, which is pulling the their world and the Astral World together so that they’ll crash; they also discover that they’re being pulled toward the black hole. Astral wants to prevent this from happening, and he materializes a huge boulder out of thin air. Only a duel can open the barrier, and Astral tries to get into a duel with Yagumo. Yuma stops him, and Shark and Kaito say they want to take on Yagumo. Yuma says he’ll team up with them in order to bring Yagumo down. Yagumo declares that he is the chosen one by the Dark God. Since he has three contenders, Yagumo declares that he gets triple life points. And a duel begins. Yagumo goes first and does a lot to power up his monsters on his first turn. As the duel is getting underway, allies of Yuma, Kaito, and Shark are in a bubble that’s above them and can see what’s going on. Ryoga is the first to battle Yagumo…

This was definitely a long chapter, and once it finally hits a duel, the manga is back to the typical explanations that make the story start sounding like a player’s manual for playing the game. To me, that’s always been a weakness of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. It can be bad enough hearing them saying all this stuff in the anime, but to have to sit and read through these explanations in the manga can be even worse. And with how much both Yagumo and Ryoga do in order to level up their various monsters, it gets even worse than usual in that regard. But with how the story is progressing, it’s clear that this particular story arc is getting closer to an end.

One-Punch Man CH:035.3 V2

This is a re-worked version of the chapter that appeared in the July 7, 2014 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. The first 23 pages are mostly the same, except that two brand new pages were added. From page 198 to the end, it’s all brand-new content that includes the climax to the fight.

Since I started reading Weekly Shonen Jump, this is the second time that a re-worked version of a previously published chapter of One-Punch Man has appeared in the publication. The first time was bad enough, but to see this happen again… *shake my head*. But we see that during the battle, the power sphere is now broken and is crashing. It appears that Saitama is the actual victor of this fight. Well, at least that fight is FINALLY over. So now where is the story of One-Punch Man going to head in next?

Bleach The Movie 3: Fade To Black Gets Limited Hulu Distribution

The Fandom Post is reporting that Viz Media and Neon Alley have put together a limited time event for Bleach by bringing Bleach The Movie 3: Fade To Black to the Hulu service. The film will only be available on Hulu through August 16, 2014.

Hulu Plus subscribers can watch the film in high definition on their TV, mobile devices, and computer.

Weekly Shonen Jump Volume 126 (July 7, 2014)

This issue includes chapters for Nisekoi: False Love, Bleach, One Piece, One Punch Man, Blue Exorcist, Stealth Symphony, World Trigger, Naruto, Toriko, and Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign.

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

Of course, you can always check out Weekly Shonen Jump for yourself by subscribing to the digital publication at VIZManga.com.

Nisekoi: False Love CH:129

This chapter sees Raku and the others returning to school. Raku sees Marika in the hall and calls out to her, and she tells him not to address her so informally. We then see a flashback of Marika’s, which takes place the previous night; she’s wondering how to get Raku to pay more attention to her because he always dodges her advances. She sees something in a magazine about secret love techniques, and it says that if coming on strong isn’t working, try pulling away. We return to the present time and see that Marika is having a hard time with this. In class, Marika discovers that she and Raku are both class officers that day, and so they have to clean the board. Poor Marika has a hard time trying to keep up her aloof front. They are then told they need to gather up some worksheets and bring them to their teacher. Raku spends the chapter being confused about Marika’s behavior. Yui sends Raku and Marika on another errand, and it becomes an awkward situation. Near the end of the chapter, Marika begins wondering if perhaps she’s gone a little too far…

This chapter puts a focus on Marika and her feelings for Raku. It’s a story that definitely ended with this chapter, so another story should begin in the next week’s chapter. I have to admit that it was kind of amusing to see Marika acting so cold and aloof towards Raku, since she’s normally so lovey-dovey toward him. While this chapter may not progress the overarching story of the locket and the keys, it does delve a little bit more into Marika’s character.

Bleach CH:587

In this chapter, Orihime tackles Ichigo as a blast is heading right toward him. Chad also oins in, and picks Ichigo up and throws him. Chad then scolds Ichigo; it’s okay to be shocked about Uryu, but what good does it do to fret over it? Ichigo suggests chasing Uryu down and asking him why he’s gone to the other side. Urahara suddenly appears on the scene, and Ichigo asks him to book a ticket to Reiokyu. Meanwhile, the other Soul Reapers are just as shocked about Uryu’s defection, and they’re taunted by a Quincy. Renji insults the Quincy, and the Quincy attacks…

This chapter focuses on some of the characters’ reactions to Uryu joining up with the head of the Quincys and leaving them behind. Ichigo has definitely taken this the hardest, and he’s bound and determined to find out why Uryu has done this. I expect that this is going to part of what the propels the story forward in the coming chapters.

One Piece CH:752

In this chapter, Doflamingo attacks Luffy and Law. But before he can get very far, a couple of Luffy’s supporters come up from behind and attack Doflamingo. Unfortunately, this Doflamingo ends up being a marionette. The two guys say that Kelly Funk tricked them, and they claim to have wiped him out. Luffy uses his Gum Gum power to create a shortcut in the well, and Luffy and Law come out of the hole and surprise the enemies that are on the second step. This chapter also shows what’s going on with the various groups within the chaos that’s developed.

This chapter primarily focuses on Luffy and Law and on how they get out of their predicament. However, there are also some brief scenes of what some of the others are up to as well. But like with many of the recent chapters of One Piece, it can be rather chaotic and jump around a lot. I have to admit that there are times when I’m starting to lose track of who’s where and what exactly is going on, but it’s still exciting.

It should be noted that One Piece will be off next week.

One Punch Man CH:035.3

In this chapter, Saitama and Boros continue their fight. Boros declares that he’ll release all his energy to blow away both Saitama and the planet’s surface. Saitama retorts that he has a finishing move, too. Saitama launches his attack as Boros’ energy comes barreling toward him. The chapter ends as the two finishing moves collide…

Once again, it’s a rather short chapter that does nothing to progress the overarching story. Right now, I actually find myself feeling rather bored with One Punch Man with how slowly the story seems to be progressing, especially since this is a manga that isn’t published every week in the publication. Can the story finally progress already? This is still the same battle that’s been going on since I started reading this series in Weekly Shonen Jump in late March/early April.

Blue Exorcist CH:058

The chapter opens with Shiemi Moriyama battling with a chimera zombie, and is then followed by Ryuji Suguro battling with a chimera zombie. During his battle, Ryuji has a flashback from dragoon class, where he learned about the use of bazookas in exorcism. In the present time, he takes out a bazooka to attack; however, the chimera zombie starts talking, and this startles Ryuji. But Ryuji manages to get a shot in with the bazooka. He has another flashback about growing up. In the present time, Ryuji sees that the chimera zombie hasn’t returned to normal. Okumura runs into Shiemi, who was able to return the chimera zombie to the Earth with Nee’s help. Right at the end of the chapter, they encounter Mikhail Gedoin, the head of the Illuminati’s Far East Laboratory.

There was a strong focus on Ryuji in this chapter. Between the two flashbacks we see in this chapter, we get to learn a bit more about Ryuji. This chapter is also starting to provide a little more exposure and information for the chimera zombies. So far, I’m finding this story to be interesting, but I wish it appeared more than once a month in Weekly Shonen Jump. Because it’s in the publication so infrequently, it does kind of feel as if the story is taking a while to progress.

Stealth Symphony CH:019

In this chapter, there’s a battle between the humans and dragons at Jinbo-Cho. Alice talks to Jig, and asks why he wants to kill Troma; didn’t he come to this town to save people? Jig says it’s too late, he already killed people at the police station. When he says he killed Raika, Alice tells him that she’s still alive. Jig says that he’s already killed people of his own free will, and if he blames the wings, then his feelings for Lill will become a lie. Slice gets in on the action as well. But then Jig transforms into the black dragon and begins attacking Troma. And then something very surprising happens right at the end of the chapter…

So this chapter finally sees Jig transforming into his dragon form. He also becomes quite angry, especially at Troma, in this chapter. Of course, he also gets upset with Slice over some of the comments he makes. But the ending of that chapter… wow, I didn’t see that one coming. It’ll be interesting to see how the story will progress in the next chapter after what happened.

World Trigger CH:066

In this chapter, the fight between the Neighbor that invaded the base and the Suwa Squad begins, and the Neighbor discovers that his attacks aren’t penetrating the walls. It turns out the Neighbor has been locked inside a training room. The other Neighbors, meanwhile, are examining the humans who are attacking Viza and Hyuse. The order is given to send all seven remaining Rabits. We then return to the battle between Jin and Lord Hyuse. At the end of the fight, Jin learns that Hyuse is a decoy. Right at the end of the chapter, Osamu’s group is attacked…

This chapter still has a lot of jumping around in it. Yes, I know there’s action taking place in several locations, but it seems that for the most part, I’m just starting to get a handle of what’s going on in one location and then the scene changes to another fight at another location. Since I’m still trying to learn who the various characters are and what’s going on, all this jumping around makes it that much harder for me to figure things out. I keep hoping that the more time I spend reading this series, the more I’ll start learning and knowing.

Naruto CH:683

In this chapter, Kaguya tries to suck Naruto’s chakra dry, but he’s able to dodge her. Meanwhile, we see one of Naruto’s shadow clones with Kakashi, Sakura and Obito; he says he can sense his real body, but not Sasuke. After Obito regains consciousness, the group decides to go to where Naruto and Kaguya are in order to try to help Naruto. When the Naruto shadow clone and the group see what’s going on, Obito figures some things out. He comes up with a plan for how to recover Sasuke. Meanwhile, the four Hokage gather together and start discussing what to do; they are interrupted the arrival of the Sage of Six Paths.

These chapters continue to move the story ever closer to its conclusion. With the Hokage finally gathering together and being joined by the Sage of Six Paths, it appears the various elements of this story and working at coming together. This is the manga I definitely look forward to reading the most each week when I read Weekly Shonen Jump.

Toriko CH:283

In this chapter, Toriko encounters an extremely large horse at Nightmare Hill. It’s a heracles that’s one of the Eight Kings. Mappy then declares he’s going to die and become fertilizer for an air tree. He’s sacrificing himself in the hopes that the heracles will let them capture air. This chapter also provides an explanation about the horses that live on Nightmare Hill being air-vores that eat air, as well as information on the nightmare heracs. Right at the end of the chapter, Komatsu pulls out a knife and says he can hear the voice of the food…

The vast majority of this chapter was spent on exposition about the nightmare heracs. Because of that, it was overall a rather boring chapter. Yes, the exposition was important to understand where the story is headed, but it made for dry reading. I hope the next chapter will continue the action that will propel the story forward.

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign CH:023

In this chapter, Shinoa calls a meeting with Yu and the others at her room. They find that she and Mitsuba are trying to fix breakfast, but that the food they’re making is burning to a crisp. Kimizuki takes over and cooks the food. Shinoa says she wants to discuss two things: that Yu had been subjected to some kind of experiment that caused him to lose control in the last battle and try to kill her, and that she wonders if Lt. Colonel Guren is using them or if he’s their ally. With what they know about Guren, she wonders if they should follow him or not, and how each of them plans to face the world from now on and come to a mutual conclusion. Yu gives his answer, and the others agree. Meanwhile, we see Guren meeting with Kureto Hiragi. Kureto asks Guren about Yu, Yoichi, and Shiho and what he intends to do with them. Kureto also asks Guren where he thinks humanity will go from here. Kureto then shares his plans. Guren is ordered to take Yu, Yoichi, and Shiho, as well as soldiers, into Nagoya to kill the vampire nobles.

While there’s some focus on Yu and the others, the majority of this chapter focuses on Guren and Kureto. The conversation between these two provides quite a bit of exposition and is ultimately setting the stage for the next part of the story. But from what’s seen at the end of the chapter, it looks like the vampires may also have a similar idea as well. It’ll be interesting to see how the human and vampire conflict continues in the next chapter of the series.

Weekly Shonen Jump Volume 125 (June 30, 2014)

This issue includes chapters for Toriko, Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Nisekoi: False Love, World Trigger, and Stealth Symphony. There’s also a “Toriko Call for Ingredients” feature and another crossover one-shot for Nisekoi: False Love and My Love Story!!

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

Of course, you can always check out Weekly Shonen Jump for yourself by subscribing to the digital publication at VIZManga.com.

Toriko CH:282

Toriko and the others are sent on a mission to get air for an old daruma to eat so he cancure his illness. They’re given Monster Robes to wear because they’re supposed to be the best defense to have in the Hex World. They encounter laser rain on their journey. As they continue, they encounter deadly poison rain. It’s revealed that there’s a correct order and route to gathering Acacia’s full-course meal, and that if you eat air you can’t find the next land, Area 7. After an explanation from Mappy, Toriko comes to the realization that what this is really about is leveling up your gourmet cells. We see Toriko and his group are passing by Nightmare Hill, and Toriko actually looks frightened. Mappy makes a startling comment right at the end of the chapter…

There’s a lot of exposition in this chapter, and it also appears references are being thrown about to things that were mentioned in an earlier part of the series that I haven’t had a chance to read. Because of that, it did make this chapter a little harder to follow for me than I would have liked. However, the revelations made at the end of the chapter do sound rather ominous, so my curiosity is piqued as to what’s going to happen to the characters. Hopefully that curiosity will be satisfied when I read the next chapter.

Toriko Call for Ingredients

This is a call for entries to create an ingredient for the Toriko manga series, and it also includes the rules on how to submit ideas. This is followed by three examples of entries that have already been received.

Bleach CH:586

In this chapter, the Soul Reapers who have joined up with Ichigo begin attacking the enemies. While the Soul Reapers take on most of the enemies, Ichigo goes after the Quincy King, Yhwach. But at that moment, Uryu appears and tells Ichigo to leave and says that Ichigo is unable to stop the Quincy King. After launching an attack on Ichigo, Uryu is seen leaving with the Quincy King…

Knowing that Uryu is a Quincy, I’d been wondering why he hadn’t appeared in this fight prior to this point. I guess he was waiting for Ichigo to appear on the scene before making his entrance. From what’s said in this chapter, it looks like Uryu will be leaving Ichigo, Orihime, Chad, and the others behind permanently. The question at this point is: will Uryu’s leaving the group be permanent, or may he end up coming back at some point after whatever’s going on with the Quincy comes to an end?

One Piece CH:751

In this chapter, chaos continues to ensure as various battles are taking place. There’s a bit of a battle taking place involving Issho and Vice Admiral Bastille. Bastille declares that if Luffy ever asks him for help that he will race to his side, no matter his position. Next, the actions shifts to Luffy and the people riding on top of the bull. Kelly Funk from the Mogaro Funk Brothers catches up with Luffy and says he’ll lead him to a shortcut so he can get to the flower field. There’s a call on Law’s transponder snail, and it’s from Robin to inform them that Viola found the keys to Law’s cuffs. Robin says that she and a group going with her will get the keys to them at the flower field. Luffy and Law suddenly reach a dead end, and they discover they’re actually in a well tilted on its side…

We get another action-packed chapter of One Piece. While the action is still jumping around a little bit, it’s not jumping around as badly as it did in the previous chapter. I could actually kind of follow what’s going on. But just as it looks like Luffy and Law are going to make it to their destination, they find that they were lied to about the shortcut. The end seems to imply that Doflamingo had a hand in this incident. Unfortunately, Nico has what they need, but they aren’t going to be able to meet up right away due to being tricked into going into a well. I suspect the next chapter will probably focus on whatever fight Luffy needs to do in order to escape.

Naruto CH:682

In this chapter, Naruto and Sasuke work on coming up with a plan to deal with Kaguya. They launch their attack on her, and Naruto uses a twist on one of his well-known jutsu. Surprisingly, it seems to work on Kaguya! Unfortunately, just when it looks like Naruto and Sasuke are going to succeed, Kaguya manages to to move between spaces and she sends Naruto and the others to an ice world. Right at the end of the chapter, Naruto and Sasuke are split up by the enemy…

Oh my gosh, that reverse harem was great! I really laughed out loud when I saw that because it amused me so much. While this battle is obviously leading up to the end of the story, Kishimoto has found a way to keep the story going for a little while longer before having to wind things down. Kaguya is a very powerful enemy, and it’s going to be interesting to see how Naruto will ultimately be able to bring her down. I look forward to reading Naruto every week, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

Hunter x Hunter CH:345

We see Gon at home with his mother, because he has now become “normal.” She hands him a lot of things he’d been exempt from doing because he was working as a hunter. Ging, meanwhile, gets a response back from the group he’s been talking with. They won’t object to him being second to Beyond, but some of them refuse the money he’s offering them while others are willing to accept it. However, to avoid chaos, until they all decide to accept the money, they won’t listen to any of Ging’s orders. They’re tmep hunters. As Ging talks, Pariston becomes annoyed with Ging. A contract is taken to Beyond for him to sign, and after going over the details, he signs it.

This chapter allows us to get a glimpse of Gon, since he’s basically been absent from the story since Hunter x Hunter started back up in Weekly Shonen Jump recently. A lot of the focus is on the work Ging is doing, although we also see the Hunter Association taking what precautions they have to in regards to Beyond. At this point, it looks like the journey to the Dark Continent is getting closer and closer.

Nisekoi: False Love CH:128

In this chapter, Yui is the king for the King Game. She declares that two people have to reveal their crush; one of them is Shu, and he says something unexpected. The other ends up being Marika, but before she can answer, Shu says it’s time to move on. Before they can, though, the doorbell rings. It turns out it’s Haru, Fu and Paula. The new arrivals join in the King Game. Haru and Fu try to cook up a scheme if they become king in order to choose Raku and Onodera. One does become king, but their signals get mixed up and Raku has to hug Haru instead of Onodera. As it gets later, the girls realize that Yui and Raku will be alone that night, so the girls declare they’re sleeping over that night…

So this chapter basically continues the silly King Game, and adds in Onodera’s sister and a couple of her friends into the mix. It wasn’t that funny, and it just felt ridiculous. Of course, the harem decides to stay for the night to keep Yui from spending time alone with Raku. After the others go to sleep, Yui suggests that she and Raku take a bath; of course, the other girls hear and declare they’re going to stay up until morning playing board games. I suspect the next chapter will continue this story, and it’s a story that I’d like to see come to an end at this point.

World Trigger CH:065

In this chapter, Jin tries fighting against of the Neighbors. As they fight, the Neighbor melts into the darkness and then uses his trigger to attack Jin. Jin is able to see the Neighbor’s future, and what he says angers the Neighbor. Osamu also learns about the Black Trigger broke into headquarters and that’s why nobody can get into the base. Karasuma declares they’re still heading there, because Jin must have had a reason to tell them to go there. The Neighbor in the base starts attacking the lab, and Suwa Squad appears to take him on.

This chapter just starts into the battle with Jin, but doesn’t stay there long. This is followed by a brief scene of Osamu and his group, and then a slightly longer scene at the base. The scene at the base was probably the most interesting, but it stops just as it’s really getting interesting. Hopefully we’ll see more of that battle, as well as more of Jin’s battle. In a lot of ways, I’m still a little lost with what’s going on, but I keep hoping that I’ll start getting some more clarity as I read more of this series.

Stealth Symphony CH:018

In this chapter, we see a flashback to five years earlier, and it turns out that a man who was almost a dragon was killed by the president of the assassins guild. We also learn the history of where the dragons came from, and it has to do with alternate universes. It’s also revealed that the remains of a freakishly large ark, which is the biggest heirloom ever, is buried under the town. And it’s Jig’s heirloom that can resurrect the ark. Alice finds Troma and Slice, and when Alice hears from Slice that he is the one behind the dragons, she gets upset and tries to attack Slice; Troma stops her. Slice points a gun at Alice, and Jig arrives and attacks. He says he saw a gun being pointed at her and he says he needs to kill the guy. When Troma says he’ll protect slice, Jig says he’s able to become Troma’s enemy. The chapter ends with Troma and Jig starting to get into a fight…

For the most part, this chapter was a bit of an “info dump.” There was some action near the end of the chapter, but it goes by rather quickly and it was hard to let an action sink in before something else happens. At this point, it looks like there’s going to be a fight between Jig and Troma, and that Jig will be the key to resurrecting the large heirloom and help the dragons with their goals.

Nisekoi X My Love Story!! Girls’ Side

A couple of weeks ago, there was a crossover story for Nisekoi and My Love Story!!, and it focused on the boys. This time, we get to see the same story, except it’s from the girls’ point of view. Raku’s harem sees Rinko being harassed by a group of guys, so they intervene. Chitoge uses her strength to take one of them on, Tsugumi steps in to protect her mistress when the other guys threaten Chitoge, and Marika talks to nearby police officers since she’s the daughter of the chief of police and asks them to punish the guys. Onodera asks the girl if she’s OK, and the group goes to a nearby cafe. They find out that Rinko was also waiting for someone at the park. Rinko tries to call Takeo and gets no answer, Raku doesn’t answer his phone. Then we see the girls finding Takeo and Raku in the hole.

This is the same crossover story, but told from a different point of view. I probably liked this version a little better simply because I already had familiarity with all of the characters and the story from reading the boys’ side of this story a couple of weeks ago. With that being said, though, it’s not a one-shot that really grabbed me, though. It was OK, but I didn’t think it was anything special.

Manga Review: “Bleach” Volume 13

Bleach Volume 13 is a manga by Tite Kubo, and it was published in North America by Viz Media’s Shonen Jump imprint in 2006. The series is rated “T” for teens; from what I’ve read of the manga and from what I’ve seen of the anime series, I would agree with this rating.

15-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of the series, and he has the ability to see ghosts. After meeting a Soul Reaper named Rukia, his home is attacked by a Hollow. Rukia tries to transfer some of her powers to Ichigo so he can protect his family; however, he unintentionally absorbs all of her power. Ichigo defeats the Hollow and begins serving as a substitute Soul Reaper. In Volume Seven, Rukia was taken back to Soul Society to face punishment for transferring her powers to a human. Rukia now faces execution, and Ichigo and his friends try to find a way to get to Soul Society in order to save her.

Volume 13 sees Ichigo fighting against Kenpachi. Ichigo finally manages to get a cut in, which makes Kenpachi happy. At this point, the two of them start fighting all-out. Kenpachi manages to get his zanpaku-to through Ichigo’s., and the sword breaks.

This leads Zangetsu to appear, and he puts Ichigo through a training that requires Ichigo to fight himself. After he succeeds in the training, he returns to continue the fight with Kenpachi. In the aftermath of the battle, the reader is provided with some backstory for Kenpachi and Yachiru.

Near the end of the volume, Hanatora and Ganju reach the location where Rukia is being held. When Ganju sees Rukia, he recognizes her…

The primary focus of Volume 13 is on Ichigo and Kenpachi and their fight. My favorite part is at the end of the fight, when Yachiru comes to get Kenpachi. A line she says to Ichigo was just as amusing as I read the manga as it was when I saw it in the anime.

I also enjoyed getting to see Ichigo interacting with Zangetsu and having to fight himself in order to regain the ability to use his zanpaku-to. Since I’m a lot farther ahead in the anime than I am in the manga, I think I can say that the other Ichigo he ends up fighting is a foreshadowing for something that comes later.

I was kind of tickled when I read about Ganju recognizing Rukia when he sees her because of something she did is the fact that I recently watched Bleach DVD Set Nine, which includes episodes that tie in to this particular plot point. Seeing this in the manga now reminded me that this had been referenced earlier in the series; it’s been so long since I’ve seen the anime episodes that correspond to this portion of the manga that I had forgotten about that detail.

At this point, we’re getting closer to the end of this particular story arc. I suspect it may take another volume or two of the manga before we reach the conclusion of this arc, but I’m looking forward to reading the end of it in the manga since I already know what’s coming from watching the anime. Even though I already know how this story will progress from seeing the anime, I’m still just as riveted and interested in the story as I would be if I was seeing this story for the first time.

If you’ve read the previous twelve volumes of Bleach and enjoyed what you read, then I think you’ll also enjoy reading Volume 13.

I wrote this review after reading a copy of Bleach Volume 13 that I checked out through the King County Library System.

Weekly Shonen Jump Volume 124 (June 23, 2014)

This issue includes chapters for One Piece, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Nisekoi: False Love, Stealth Symphony, Bleach, One Punch Man, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal. There’s also an interview with the Japanese editor of the All You Need Is Kill manga.

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

Of course, you can always check out Weekly Shonen Jump for yourself by subscribing to the digital publication at VIZManga.com.

One Piece CH:750

This chapter sees four flashpoints trying to reach the palace. Meanwhile. Usopp’s retinue makes its way to the surface. Princess Viola finds the key to Trafalgar Law’s cuffs, and she’s determined to help him since he and the other pirates are destroying the “sham peace” their country has been enjoying. Rebecca insists on taking the key to Tragalgar. Luffy gets more action in, and the gladiators starting heading up toward the palace as well.

As with many of the recent chapters, this one has been very action-packed and chaotic. It’s jumping around to several different areas throughout it, and I’m trying to keep straight who’s where and what they’re doing. It’s exciting, but also a little confusing. I suspect that we’re going to be seeing all of the various groups making it to the palace and teaming up together. It’ll be interesting to see if I’m right or not, as well as what exactly will happen once we get to the palace.

Naruto CH:681

In this chapter, Naruto and Sasuke are determined to seal Kaguya away. Kaguya comes up behind them, turns them around to face her, and they can see that she’s crying. Neither Naruto nor Sasuke can move. She begins taking their chakra; it appears that Kaguya sees her two children when she looks at them. There’s also a big reveal in regards to Black Zetsu. A story is also told about how Kaguya had been sealed away before. At the end of the chapter, though, Naruto is able to free himself and Sasuke…

Overall, this chapter is more of an “info dumping” chapter that finally provides some of the missing pieces that links various things that have been seen throughout the series together, as well as provides more background on the world of the shinobi. There was some action in the chapter, but it was definitely more of an “info dump.” In some respects, though, this is nice, because it helped to slow things down a little bit. Many of the recent chapters have been so action oriented and moving the story along so quickly that it almost felt dizzying at times. I suspect that the next chapter will be picking the action back up a bit. I’m curious to see just how much longer Kishimoto will end up telling the story before he finally has to bring it to an end.

Hunter x Hunter CH:344

In this chapter, Ging and Pariston continue the conversation that began in the previous chapter. Ging says he’ll pay twice what they’re being offered upfront, with only one condition: that Ging is number two. The group considers the offer. Later, Ging meets with the ones who have agreed to join him, and he explains some things about travel and the Dark Continent, as well as about Netero and Beyond’s journeys there. Meanwhile. Kurapika gets a call from the Hunter studying medicine; the Hunter says he’ll be joining the Zodiacs.

Since I’m still a relatively new reader to Hunter x Hunter, there’s still a lot I’m trying to learn and figure out as I read these chapters. However, I can say with a lot of certainty that there was a lot of “info dumping” near the end of the chapter. I didn’t mind, though, since, like I said, I’m still learning and getting used to this series. I’m sure that like with the other series in Weekly Shonen Jump that I jumped into the middle of, I’ll start getting the hang of this one, too.

Nisekoi: False Love CH:127

In this chapter, Shu learns that Raku is alone with Yui in the house because the others who live there have gone on a trip. Shu makes sure to send a message to the other girls in Raku’s harem to let them know, and they all quickly head over to Raku’s house. Yui tells Raku they’ll try to make the best of it with everyone else there. Yui tries to get Raku alone by asking him to help her prepare lunch, and the other girls all volunteer to help. Yui then says she can handle it herself and asks Raku to entertain their guests. After they eat, they play the King Game. Unfortunately, the King Game doesn’t go as well as the various members of the group hope, which causes some humorous moments.

So this chapter brings together Raku, the various girls in his harem, and Shu. Having all the girls there causes a bit of competitiveness between them, especially as they’re playing the King Game. The chapter ends with Yui being the king, and everyone’s waiting with bated breath to see what she commands to be done. While this story arc does progress the competitiveness that began at the end of the previous chapter, it feels like it’s not going to progress the overarching story much.

Stealth Symphony CH:017

In this chapter, Alice learns that Jig hasn’t shown up at the Cyborg Soldier School for a few days. When Alice asks for Raika’s assistance to find Jig, she learns that Raika was caught up in the accident at the police station and is now in intensive care. A couple of people from the Cyborg Soldier School are able to access her device that records the surroundings right before and right after an accident, and they see that Jig is somehow involved. We also see the orphanage director and Slice talking about Jig and learn a little more about what his situation has really been. Dragons begin attacking, and Slice tells Troma that he’s going to kill Alice.

This chapter really starts to provide more background for Jig, and the story seems like it’s starting to make a little more sense. Once the dragons start showing themselves near the end of the chapter, there’s a more dramatic atmosphere to the story. And adding in Slice’s declaration that he’s going to kill Alice only heightens the drama and tension that’s been building over the course of the chapter. I’ve been enjoying this series so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the story will go next.

Bleach CH:585

In this chapter, Ichigo learns something about his robe from the Quincy head honcho who suddenly appears on the battlefield. As Ichigo tries going toward the guy, the women who had been fighting with him say that he won’t be able to make it to His Majesty while he’s surrounded by them and the others who have come onto the battlefield. Ichigo has to fight the newcomers, and Renji suddenly appears to give him some help. Right at the end of the chapter, we see there’s more than just Renji there; he’s joined by some of the other Soul Reapers.

This chapter is basically setting the stage for the Soul Reapers to take on some of the Quincies, and for Ichigo to go after their head honcho. I suspect that this fight will end up taking a while, so I imagine that the story arc is nowhere near its end yet. I suspect that Ichigo and the Soul Reapers will come out on top at the end, but the question is how they’ll overcome this obstacle.

One Punch Man CH:035.2

In this chapter, Saitama and Boros are now in outer space. Saitama launches an attack on Boros, and Boros is impressed. He believes that Saitama is worth defeating. Right at the end of the chapter, Saitama launches a barrage of punches…

Um… wow. This chapter was really short, and really, not much happens in it. Basically, it’s Saitama and Boros meeting face-to-face in outer space, with Saitama launching a couple of attacks on his opponent. So far, during the time I’ve read this series in Weekly Shonen Jump, it feels like the story hardly moves at all. I just keep wondering how much longer the mangaka is going to stretch this story arc out before it’s finally wrapped up. But by the time this story arc comes to an end, am I going to even care anymore?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal CH:43

In this chapter, Yagumo and Shark’s duel continues. Yagumo is determined to open the door to the otherworld and destroy the world. We also see a flashback sequence for Akari which gives the background as to how she came to get a hold of the pendant and why she tries to keep Yuma from dueling. Akari contacts Yuma when she sees something unusual happening over the dueling area, and she tells him that she thinks their father is in the Astral World, and everything that their father said when his spirit visited her. People start getting sucked up into the opening to the Astral World. Astral discovers that his real powers are returning. Right at the end, it’s revealed that their world and the Astral World will be pulled into a hole and annihilate each other.

This is one of the first chapters of this series I’ve read in Weekly Shonen Jump that didn’t focus on the battle very much. Instead, it provided some background information and also progressed the overarching story to the next level. At this point, it looks like that Yuma will have to somehow find a way to keep these two worlds from colliding with each other.

All You Need Is Kill Editor Interview

This is an interview with Kouji Yoshida, the editor for the All You Need Is Kill manga. This is basically a reprint of an interview that originally appeared in NEO Magazine. Topics include why the original novel received a manga adaptation, the challenges that the adaptation would bring, what changes needed to be made to adapt the novel into a manga, differences in editing between Weekly Shonen Jump and Weekly Young Jump, what the market is like for this type of sci-fi manga in Japan, whether or not the author of the novel was involved with the manga adaptation, a description of the content in a few sentences, and tackling the challenge of portraying the complex scientific concepts in the manga.

Weekly Shonen Jump Volume 123 (June 16, 2014)

This issue includes chapters for Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Stealth Symphony, Toriko, Nisekoi: False Love, and World Trigger. There’s also a preview for My Love Story!!, as well as a one-shot crossover story for Nisekoi: False Love and My Love Story!!

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

Of course, you can always check out Weekly Shonen Jump for yourself by subscribing to the digital publication at VIZManga.com.

Naruto CH:680

In this chapter, Kaguya creates a lava flow, and Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sakura are able to keep themselves from falling into it. Sasuke tells Naruto that the world will come to an end if either one of them is killed, and that only Naruto’s six paths power of light and Sasuke’s six paths power of shadow can seal Kaguya away. Kakashi and Sakura fall toward the lava, and Naruto saves them. Meanwhile, some of the characters who had been trapped by the genjutsu are freed and thet head to where Naruto and the others are. Kaguya declares that she will reunify all chakra once more, and she launches an attack on Naruto and Sasuke…

And the story keeps getting more and more intense! The stakes keep getting raised, but can they be raised much higher than they are now? And how much longer can Kishimoto stretch this story out? I’m looking forward to reading the next chapter in order to find out.

Hunter x Hunter CH:343

This chapter sees the Zodiacs calling one of the Hunters who is currently studying medicine, and they arrange for him to come with them on their journey to the Dark Continent as part of the medical team and that he can earn academic credit for the practicum experience. Meanwhile, Gon is visiting with a guy who looks rich, and the two have a heated discussion about the upcoming journey. Also, a Hunter has gone in search of Kurapika, because his presence is being requested for the trip to the Dark Continent, and as a way to convince him to come, the identity of someone who has caused offense to his brethren is revealed…

Admittedly, I don’t have much of a frame of reference to go on right now, since I only started reading Hunter x Hunter when it returned to the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump recently. Because of that, I’m still trying to learn the various characters’ names and information about them. What I picked up from this chapter is the fact that more is being done to get ready for the trip to the Dark Continent, and that someone is out for revenge against someone but had no idea who to exact revenge on… and it appears the Zodiacs have the information he needs. I’m hoping that I’ll start to better understand everything that’s going on as I continue reading the series.

Bleach CH:584

In this chapter, we see that the attack that was launched against Ichigo at the end of the previous chapter didn’t work. His opponent’s arm is blown off, but one of her companions has a healing ability and it able to repair her arm. As she’s about to go after Ichigo again, she and her companions find themselves being impaled by beams of light shot off by new arrivals onto the scene. Unfortunately, these original attackers still live. All of the enemies declare that whichever one can kill Ichigo will have all the glory. However, something happens at the end of the chapter that surprises Ichigo…

This is a chapter with only a minimal amount of action, and the battle and story arc really don’t progress. At this point, it feels like Tite Kubo’s trying to stretch out this battle as long as he can in order to keep the Bleach manga going. Hopefully we’ll see a little more progress in the next chapter.

Stealth Symphony CH:016

This chapter opens with a flashback of Jig from ten years before the start of the series. Jig has returned for his sister’s birthday, but a guy who lost an eye due to Jig’s dragon heirloom wants to get revenge. When Jig has a confrontation with them, he gets violent and kills the guy and his friend. He has no memory of what happened, and the orphanage director tells him he did nothing wrong.

In the present time, Hank wants more information on Jig’s wings, especially since he’s noticed that Jig’s injuries heal so fast. We learn the wings are actually an eggshell, and that the heirloom will allow Jig to be reincarnated as a certain dragon. Jig also transforms and starts attacking Slice. Alice goes to Jig’s room and she finds a lot of writing on the wall about becoming a dragon, and also notices letters with a “not at this address” sticker on them.

This chapter provides more background on Jig, and we learn that his sister, who he has been writing letters to since the beginning of the series, died in a fire that was set by the guy who was out for revenge; their parents also died in the fire, and Jig was the only survivor. We also learn that the orphanage director was nearby, watching Jig’s attack on Slice. At this point, the tone of the series has changed quite a bit from when it first started. And now that Jig is starting to transform into a dragon, it’s going to be interesting to see how the story will be progressing from this point.

Toriko CH:281

In this chapter, Toriko and most of the others with them are drunk, and they are approached by Brunch. Brunch takes them to his restaurant, Tengu Castle, to give them some yetea in order to help them sober up. Once they’ve sobered uo, they tell Brunch they need to meet a man called the Daruma. They learn Daruma is deathly ill, and that he’s at Kappa Hot Springs to recover his health. Mappy bursts in and says there’s a problem, so Brunch and the others go to the hot springs to check on Daruma. Instead of being on his deathbed, it turns out he got a little excited after seeing the women’s side of the hot springs. They discover that Daruma is being cared for by Atashino, the gourmet surgeon who had been part of a group going after Acacia’s full-course meal. They discover someone else from that trip is there, and Toriko and the others are told that he’ll talk about what happened 18 months ago and how to capture Acacia’s salad…

This chapter has a focus on learning a little more about the Gourmet World, and there ends up being a bit of a focus on Daruma. I’m very curious to hear the story of what happened 18 month ago in the story, since those should be events that took place before I started reading Weekly Shonen Jump in March 2014. While I’m starting to understand this series a little better, I’d still appreciate getting any additional backstory to help me to gain an even better understanding of what I’m reading in Toriko.

It should be noted that Toriko will be off in next week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Nisekoi: False Love CH:126

In this chapter, Raku has a date with Chitoge, and Yui insists on tagging along. Yui sends Raku to get some lattes from someplace that’s a little ways out. After he leaves, Yui talks to Chitoge. Yui starts askign questions, and when Yui asks about Raku and Chitoge pretending to be dating, Chitoge accidentally confirms Yui’s suspicion. Yui then asks if Chitoge still has a crush on Raku; Yui tells Chitoge she had a crush on Raku ten years earlier. Yui also admits to Chitoge that she’s in love with Raku, and other members of the harem just happen to be nearby and hear this. Yui declares that she’s not going to let Chitoge beat her when it comes to Raku. Onodera also declares that she’ll fight for Raku.

This chapter is important for progressing the harem part of the story, since Yui threw down the gauntlet big time. There’s now going to be a major three-way fight between Chitoge, Yui, and Onodera when it comes to Raku. I’m sure the other potential love interests will eventually get sucked into this fight for Raku, but for right now, the focus seems to be on these three girls. And hopefully at some point the locket part of the story will eventually come back into play again.

World Trigger CH:064

In this chapter, Yuma launches into an attack against one of Lord Hyuse. Lord Hyuse’s companion fires something at one of the C-rank trainees, and Osamu is able to protect the trainee. Yuma activates a trap to capture Lord Hyuse, but it doesn’t hold him long. Yuma and Jim come up with a plan to fight the two Neighbors. Yuma chases Lord Hyuse up to the sky and fights him there. A battle between Jin and the other Neighbor is just getting started when the chapter ends.

We’re still working our way through the same battle that goes back to at least March 2014, if not before then. Unfortunately, since I missed the character development for earlier chapters, I still have a hard time knowing who is who, unless their name just happens to get mentioned in the chapter I’m reading. I’m hoping this story progresses soon and gets to a point where I can truly get some more character development and get a better feel for who these characters area.

Nisekoi My Love Story!! Boys’ Side

This is a crossover story that features characters from the Nisekoi: False Love and My Love Story!! manga series. Raku goes somewhere to meet up with Chitoge, and he encounters Takeo. They work together to save a cat that’s in distress; unfortunately, they end up getting stuck in the process of trying to rescue the cat. They’re both meeting up with girls and are trying to find a way out of the hole and meet up with their respective girls before they worry. Raku manages to make it out, but is so startled when he sees Takeo’s girlfriend he falls back in. She, along with Chitoge, Onodera, and some of the other girls in Raku’s harem work together to try to get the two guys out of the hole.

This was an okay crossover story. However, I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had familiarity with My Love Story!! It might have worked a little better for me if the preview for My Love Story!! had been placed before this crossover story in this issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

My Love Story!!

This is a preview for the shojo manga series, My Love Story!!, which is being released in print and digital formats on July 1, 2014. While it doesn’t say it anywhere, I would assume that this is the first chapter of the series. In the chapter, Takeo recalls all the times he’s been in love with girls, but they like a popular boy named Makoto Sunakawa; however, after each girl told Makoto they liked him, he would turn them down and make them cry. It turns out that Takeo is friends with Makoto. While riding home on the train, Takeo notices a guy who looks like he’s about to grab a girl’s butt and he intervenes. He takes him off at the next stop, and Makoto and the girl come with them. When the groper says something offensive to the girl, Takeo punches him in the face. Unfortunately, a cop was there, so he ends up being suspended from school. One day at home, the girl (Rinko Yamato) comes to Takeo’s house to thank him for his help. Takeo realizes that he’s in love with her. Rinko accidentally leaves her phone there, and she calls from a payphone, and they arrange to meet up so he can get it back to her.

After reading this, I can say that on the one hand, it kind of feels like there’s a typical shojo story and setup here. However, I also can see some potential here for this story to be something more than a typical story. I found myself really liking Takeo by the end of the chapter.

Weekly Shonen Jump Volume 122 (June 9, 2014)

This issue includes chapters for World Trigger, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, Bleach, Toriko, Nisekoi: False Love, Stealth Symphony, and One Punch Man.

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

Of course, you can always check out Weekly Shonen Jump for yourself by subscribing to the digital publication at VIZManga.com.

World Trigger CH:063

Before getting to the actual story, there’s a popularity poll of the characters. The chapter itself sees Reiji having a flashback about being told about formidable foes coming in the next invasion and how he’s asked that if he encounters a humanoid in battle he should casually let the others escape. Reiji then tries to go after the opponent he’s up against, but he loses. The story then switches back to Osamu and the group he’s with; they can’t get a door to open. When Osamu asks what they should do, he’s presented with two options: try another way or go directly to headquarters. Chika then detects that two enemies are coming; it’s the two enemies that had been fighting with Reiji. Osamu is ordered to retreat to the rendezvous point with Jin and to take the C-Rank trainees. A battle begins to ensue with new arrivals as the chapter ends…

World Trigger does seem to be an interesting story, but it’s hard for me to get into it, even after reading it for about three months. Unfortunately, I jumped into the middle of a story arc that was already in progress, and there’s a lot of jumping around to cover the various parts of the battle that are taking place. Unfortunately for me, it’s made it hard for me to learn who most of the characters are or to truly get muc background to help me to better understand what’s been going on. And with all the jumping around, it makes it feel like that the story isn’t progressing very much.

Hunter x Hunter CH:342

Beyond has crashed the Zodiac meeting in the guise of turning himself in. He claims that he’s there to tell them about V5’s official policy and the meaning behind the words. Meanwhile. the new employee for that coordinates all the restricted voyage agencies is giving a presentation to a group of people about how foolish it is to send civilians to the New World. He ends up being attacked for simply regurgitating information that the participants already know, and ultimately say it’s important to invite Kakin to V5, reorganize as V6, and unofficially support Kakin’s journey. It then returns to Beyond talking to the hunters. They tells Beyond that if what he says it true, then the hunter association will accept what Beyond is asking them to do.

It’s hard for me to comment too much on what’s going on, since I’m still getting a feel for the series, the characters, and the concepts. I’m trying to piece things together as to what exactly is happening. It does seem like it could be an interesting story, and I’m looking forward to getting to know more about Hunter x Hunter as I continue to read the series.

Naruto CH:679

In this chapter, Madara’s shadows suddenly disappear. Chakra erupts from the ground, and it turns out the chakra is even stronger than Ten Tails. Sasuke tells Naruto to stop them before they move. We learn that those who fall under the Infinite Tsukuyomi transform into White Zetsu over time. Madara undergoes a transformation about absorbing a whole bunch of chakra, and he turns into Kaguya, the mother of the Sage of Six Paths. Kaguya recognizes Naruto and Sasuke as the reincarnations of Indra and Ashura. Kaguya says this land is her precious nursery and that she cannot let it get damaged any further. She then suggests that they stop fighting. Unfortunately, the chapter ends with Kaguya declaring that she will erase them all there…

Wow! These chapters just keep getting more and more intense, and so many twists are starting to get thrown into the mix! It looks like Kishimoto is going to find a way to drag this out a little longer, but as I’ve said before, Naruto is obviously getting much closer to its conclusion. I suspect that once this battle is finally over, we’ll see a few chapters that show what happen in the aftermath. However, at this point, I expect this series to last for at least a few more months.

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign CH:022

This chapter opens to a flashback of Christmas Day eight years ago, when Yu is taken to the orphanage. It then changes to Mika in the current time in Sanguinem. Ferid offers him human blood to drink since he hasn’t had an yet. He refuses, and is then asked why he tries so hard to avoid drinking human blood. Later, Mika says he needs Krul’s blood now. He finds her and takes her blood, and then asks her about what was being talked about at the Progenitor Council meeting. We see that Ferid gave his report to the council on what happened in Shinjuku. He also says that humans are on the verge of successfully weaponing the “Seraph of the End.” The council starts talking about how to deal with the humans. It turns out that Mika is also in attendance. After the meeting, there’s a confrontation between Krul and Ferid. Mika also confronts Krul about the discrepancy he now knows about with her story. At the end of the chapter, Krul comes up with a plan for Mika to find Yu and save him from the humans and the vampires.

This chapter focuses exclusively on the vampire side of the story. We get to learn a little more about the “Seraph of the End,” as well as about Krul and her role in this whole situation. She claims she’s trying to help Mika and Yu, but I wonder how truthful she’s really being about this. I’m afraid that she’s using Mika somehow to achieve her own goals. With the way this chapter ends, I suspect that the next chapter will return the focus onto Yu and the others.

Bleach CH:583

In this chapter, Ichigo takes on the ladies that came to take down Kenpachi, and he’s able to beat them back. One of the ladies gets really pissed off and wants to kill him, but her companions say they won’t help her. So the lady with the murderous rage decides to take on Ichigo by herself. She attacks, but Ichigo is able to deflect her attack. She then launches an electrocution attack, and the blast is headed toward Ichigo when the chapter ends…

This chapter basically gets the battle going for Ichigo. He gets to repel all of the ladies as a group, then repels an attack from the one acting alone, and is now facing an attack that’s coming his way. Having seen and read enough of Bleach, I know that Ichigo will somehow survive this attack. The next chapter will basically answer how he survives and then show how the battle will continue to progress.

Toriko CH:280

In this chapter, Toriko and the others make it to the entrance of the Hex Food World. When they get there, they decide they’re going to say a quick hello to Daruma. When they reach Hex Food World, they meet a number of strange people and creatures. Toriko smells food and decides to check it out. The group ends up checking out various food, dinnerware, weapon, and other stalls. After getting drunk in a bar, they’re about to head out of Hex Food World when they’re approached by someone…

All this chapter basically does is to establish Hex Food World and all of the various things that can be found there. This is accomplished by Toriko and his friends exploring the place and experiencing various parts of it. Overall, not a lot happens in this chapter. Hopefully the next chapter will work at continuing the story.

Nisekoi: False Love CH:125

In this chapter, Tsugumi is posing as a bunny girl in order to infiltrate a party being held by the leader of an enemy organization and steal a top-secret document that he’s harboring. Just as it looks like she’s going to succeed in getting the disk with the top-secret document, Master Seccachino is called away to another event at the party, which takes place at the pool. Raku is able to find the right swimsuit that Tsugumi needs to fit in; unfortunately, by the time she’s changed, he’s moved on to something else. Unfortunately, she ends up spending so much time changing costumes that she doesn’t have time to get near Seccachino. She decides to dress like a guy again to get close to him; unfortunately, Seccachino recognizes Tsugumi in this disguise. Upon realizing that Tsugumi is really a girl, he asks her to take her clothes off. She only agrees to do it if Raku is let go. However, Raku tells her not to. Just as it looks like Seccachino’s group will overpower them, Paula arrives with reinforcements. Tsugumi and Ichigo escape by jumping off the boat into the ocean.

The chapter sees the resolution of this particular story arc. It’s a little on the silly side, but it gives Tsugumi a chance to spend some time alone with Raku and getting to know him a little better. Now that this story arc is over, I have no idea where the story will go from here. However, I hope that it will get back to the promise portion of the story and starting to get closer to a resolution for that part of the story.

Stealth Symphony CH:015

This chapter sees Alice talking to Troma about their contract to protect Slice, and how she’s worried that he’s somehow involved with the explosion at the police station that happened when Jig went to talk to the supposed orphanage director in the previous chapter. Troma asks about the bad blood between Alice and Slice, and she shares the story of what happened. The story then moves to the next day, and Alice has to deal with Slice. They run into Jig while they’re out, and it turns out that Slice knows about him. When Slice hears that Jig was nearby when the station blew up, Slice says that Jug is really messed up. Slice suddenly points a gun at Jig and fires; however, the bullet turns around and heads back toward Slice. Slice then starts attacking Jig with his legs, and the wings of Jig’s Dragon Heirloom don’t react; it turns out Slice has a Rank A Dragon Heirloom. Jig reacts and surprises everyone by getting a good hit in on Slice…

This chapter provides a little more background on what happened between Alice and Slice. We also see that Slice has a Dragon Heirloom that apparently counteracts Jig’s heirloom. But at the end of the chapter, we learn that Jig has been transforming into a dragon and that his transformation has been progressing. Now I’m curious to see what will happen with Slice, and if any more will come out about Jig and his transformation.

One Punch Man CH:035

This chapter sees the battle between Saitama and Lord Boros. It turns out that Lord Boros has quite a natural healing ability. As Lord Boros brags about this, Saitama tells him to shut up. Lord Boros launches a major attack on Saitama that’s called a Meteoric Burst. At the end of the chapter, it appears that Saitama has been sent flying off of the earth…

Well, then. This long and drawn-out battle still continues, with the main happening being a major attack that doesn’t kill Saitama. Instead, it appears that he somehow was sent flying up into space. I have no idea where this story is going to next, and at this point, I have a hard time caring. Perhaps if I’d read this manga from the beginning, I might have a better appreciation for it. By jumping into the middle of such a slow-paced series and not knowing much of anything about any of the characters, it’s hard for me to truly care about what’s going on.

New Anime Releases: June 3, 2014

Here are the new anime releases for June 3, 2014. If you see any errors or omissions in this list, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

Ah! My Buddha!! Complete Collection [DVD]
Amnesia Complete Collection [DVD]
Amnesia Complete Collection [Blu-ray]
Attack on Titan Part 1 [Blu-ray/DVD Combo]
Attack on Titan Part 1 Limited Edition [Blu-ray/DVD Combo]
Bleach DVD Set 21
The Hentai Prince & the Stony Cat Complete Collection [DVD]
The Hentai Prince & the Stony Cat Complete Collection [Blu-ray]
Mobile Suit Gundam UC 7 [Blu-ray]
HypnoLove Complete Collection [DVD] (18+)
Xpress Train [DVD] (18+)

Anime DVD Review: Bleach DVD Set Nine

Bleach DVD Set Nine is a three disc set that contains 11 episodes. The first two discs in the set have four episodes and bonus features, while the third disc has three episodes and bonus features. The episodes on these discs can be watched either with English dialogue or with Japanese dialogue and English subtitles.

This set picks up exactly where Set Eight ended off, with Ichigo, Chad, and Uryu in a desert in Hueco Mundo and trying to reach Los Noches and seeing a human girl being chased by three Hollows. At the beginning of this set, we learn the human girl is actually an arrancar named Nelliel Tu Oderschbank, and that the three Hollows are her “brothers” Pesche Guatiche and Dondochakka Bilstin and their pet, Bawabawa. A Hollow named Runuganga, which is made of sand, attacks the group; they end up being saved by Renji and Rukia. Unfortunately, Runuganga appears before they can reach Los Noches, and they end up sinking beneath the sands. When this happens, Rukia is separated from the others.

They end up in the Forest of Menos, which is inhabited by Hollows. Rukia runs into a group of Hollows and tries to fight them, but is rescued by a Soul Reaper named Ashido. As Ashido takes Rukia back to her friends, they have to fight against Adjuchas. Other Adjuchas take Nel and her friends hostage. Ichigo and the others rescue Nel and her friends, and Ashido gets Rukia reunited with them. As Achido tries to lead them out, an attack by an Adjucha collpases the passageway. Ashido fights with the Adjuchas as Ichigo and the others return to the surface.

The group makes it into Los Noches, and the group splits up to explore the five different passageways. Ichigo tells Nel and her friends to stay behind, but Nel has other ideas. She ends up being separated from Pesche and Dondochakka. Ichigo, Chad, Uryu, Renji, and Rukia each encounter Privaron Espada (former Espada who have been demoted and now have three-digit numbers). In Rukia’s case, the Privaron Espada that she encounters takes on has the face of Kaien Shiba, the former lieutenant of the thirteenth division that she killed.

Orihime also makes a brief appearance during these episodes, and it appears that she’s blindly following Aizen; however, we learn that she’s pretending and that she’s trying to figure out a way to destroy the Orb of Distortion.

So far, I have to say that I’m not entirely impressed with Nel and her friends. In the episodes on this set, they don’t seem to truly be adding much except offering occasional bits of comic relief. I’m hoping that as the arc progresses that these characters will serve a more important role and truly have a reason for being included in the story.

When I saw the artwork on the box, I assumed that Orihime would be appearing a bit in the 11 episodes included in this set. I was a little disappointed to discover that she just appears briefly in one or two episodes, and that’s it. Overall, Rukia had a bigger role to play in these episodes, so it really seems like Rukia should’ve been featured on the box art instead of Orihime.

These episodes also help to establish and explain more about Hueco Mundo, the arrancar, and the Espada. With how important these elements have become in the series, I’m glad to see more about them. I’m looking forward to seeing how this story arc will progress, and I’m rooting for Orihime to succeed in her plan to stop Aizen.

When it comes to the DVD set itself, I have to say that I was disappointed to discover that the omake that appeared at the end of each episode was cut from the episodes in this set and are only viewable by watching the “Omake” bonus feature on each disc. To me, it makes the “Original and Uncut” label included on this disc misleading, because cutting the omake out means they’ve made a change to the episodes from how they originally aired in Japan.

Each disc has Production Art, which is line art of the characters and locations that appear in these episodes. The first disc has 12 pages of art, the second disc has six pages, and the third disc has 13 pages. Each disc also has a “Clean Ending” option in the bonus features; the first and second discs have one clean ending, while the third disc has a clean version of both of the endings that appeared in this set.

Each disc also has omake, the exact same “sneak peeks” appear on all three discs, and the “Manga Preview” on each disc has the same four pages of advertisements for Viz Media’s manga releases.

If you’re a Bleach fan, then you need to get a hold of this set in order to have the episodes that start the new story arc in your anime home video library.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of Bleach DVD Set Nine that my husband purchased for me as a gift.