ANNCast Episode Focuses on Manga

This week’s episode of ANNCast focuses on manga this week, and host Zac Bertschy talks with Deb Aoki (who writes about manga at and Rebecca Silverman (manga and anime reviewer for Anime News Network). They talk about their favorite manga of 2012, look ahead to 2013, and take questions submitted by listeners on Twitter.

You can hear this episode of ANNCast at:

ANNCast 141 – The All-New Adventures of the Super Manga Pals

ANNCast About Manga

This week’s edition of ANNCast has host Zac Bertschy talking with Deb Aoki and Ed Sizemore about manga. According to the breakdown, they talk about what they’ve been reading, how the manga industry is doing, bootleg manga iPad apps, and more.

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ANNCast Takes a Look Back at Manga in 2011

After spending the first 18 minutes of the podcast talking about the downsizing of Bandai Entertainment USA and Media Blasters, the focus of the show is on manga.

In this podcast, Zac Bertschy and Justin Sevakis talk with Deb Aoki from and Ed Sizemore from the Manga Out Loud podcast about the best manga of 2011.

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ANNCast Touches on Tokyopop’s Revival Attempt

Roughly the first eighteen minutes of this week’s ANNCast is devoted to discussing the recent noise Tokyopop has made on both Facebook and Twitter about possibly trying to revive the company’s manga publishing business. This discussion takes place between ANNCast host Zac Bertschy and’s Manga guide, Deb Aoki.

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ANNCast 086 Focuses on Manga

ANNCast, the podcast by Anime News Network, has devoted most of episode 86, “Super Manga Pals Tokyo Drift” o the discussion of manga. Host Zac Bertschy talks with Ed Sizemore and Deb Aoki about manga, with quite a bit of the discussion focusing on projecting the success of the recently launched

Listen to ANNCast 086 – “Super Manga Pals Tokyo Drift”