Anime DVD Review: Voltron Volume 2

Voltron Volume 2 is a three-disc DVD set that includes 15 episodes of the Lion Force Voltron series. The set is packaged in a yellow tin, with a lid that’s designed to look like the face of the Yellow Lion. Inside the tin is a cardboard DVD case, which holds all three of the DVDs. The first two discs contain six episodes, while the third disc contains three episodes and the special features.

Volume 2 introduces the audience to Princess Romelle and Prince Bandor from the Planet Pollux. Pollux is Arus’ twin planet, and the two plants have had animosity between them due to a conflict that had taken place in the past. After Planet Doom’s plot on Pollux fails, Romelle is taken captive to be a prisoner on Planet Doom.

This set also includes an episode that focuses on Pidge’s home planet being attacked, and Coran trying to keep the Voltron Force from going to the planet to check for survivors. Another episode later in the set also focuses on Pidge, when he meets a Green Medusa creature on another planet, and the Green Medusa tries to take care of Pidge as if he is her child. We also get a character development episode for Lance in this set as well.

One of my all-time favorite episodes of Lion Force Voltron is included in this set: “The Sleeping Princess.” This is the one where Haggar tries to make it appear that Allura has died. We get to see Keith become very emotional during this episode, and it shows how much he cares about her. Another notable thing about this episode is the fact that this is one of the only episodes that Voltron doesn’t actually appear in, so it breaks the formula that has been established for the series at this point. It proves you can tell a good story for this series without relying on the Super Robot.

This set contains a mixture of episodes that are important to the overall story, but it also contains episodes that aren’t that important and could potentially be seen as “filler.” For me, the episodes that stand out the most in this set are: “Bridge Over the River Chozzerai,” “My Brother Is a Robeast,” “Pidge’s Home Planet,” “The Deadly Flowers,” “The Green Medusa,” and “The Sleeping Princess.”

On this DVD set, there are six items in the “Special Features” menu. The first is labeled as “Buckethead Music Video.” This is a music video for “Viva Voltron,” a song recorded by Buckethead. The video includes footage from Voltron, although some of the footage is obscured by superimposed appearances by Buckethead; the footage of Buckethead has effects overlayed on it. This is an interesting instrumental track, but I was rather underwhelmed by the video.

The second feature is labeled as “The Life & Legend.” This is a 34-minute documentary that includes interviews with Executive Producer Peter Keefe, World Events Production’s Director of Project Development Jeremy Corray, Director Franklin Cofod, Stereo Sound Effects Editor Paul Vitello, Logo Designer Bill England, Story Editor Marc Handler, and World Events President Ted Koplar.

This documentary talks about how grueling the production schedule for Voltron was, Marc Handler provides some background on the show and its appeal, there’s information about a live event where actors dressed as some of the characters and toured the country, the Voltron Express charity event for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and a brief mention of the live-action film that was just in the works when the documentary was recorded.

The next feature is labeled as “The Toys.” In this nine-minute documentary, several people involved with Voltron talk about the toys and various merchandise tie-ins that Voltron had. Featured in this documentary are Franklin Cofod, Paul Vitello, Peter Keefe, Jeremy Corray, Bill England, and Ted Koplar.

The fourth feature is labeled as “T.V. Ads.” This feature includes one English toy commercial, four or five Japanese toy commercials, and one commercial for the Lion Force Voltron television show. When you view the ads, you have no way to select which ones you want to watch. They all stream as one piece, in the upper corner of the screen; the rest of the screen is a border featuring Voltron toys. Unfortunately, the quality of the audio and video on the commercials isn’t the best.

Another feature on the disc is labeled, “International Voltron.” This feature talks about how after World Events turned Beast King GoLion into Voltron, and how other international markets became interested in Voltron and would translate the Voltron version of the property into their native language. The opening and closing of Beast King GoLion is included, as well as some shots and scenes of Voltron in English, French, and Spanish; also, the occasional scene from Beast King GoLion would be included. Interviews in this nine-minute documentary come from Marc Handler, Ted Koplar, and Paul Vitello.

The final special feature on the set is trailers for other properties released by AnimeWorks.

For fans of Voltron, this set allows you to obtain more episodes of the Lion Force Voltron series for your DVD collection. Through the documentaries included on the third disc, you can also get some background information on what went on behind-the-scenes for the production of the Voltron series, as well as some background on the toys and merchandise. This DVD set should really be in the collection of anyone who is a fan of Voltron.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of Voltron Volume 2 that my husband and I purchased.

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